Access VBA Recordset

Here Is An Example Of The VBA Trim Function

The “Trim” function is useful in eliminating the blank spaces in a string normally caused by some data entry error. Why do you want to do this? Well because a sorting error can happen if you are trying to sort ” Dan, “Fred”, and “Ann”. ” Dan” will show up on top before “Ann” because […]

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How To Write A Recordset To File With VBA

In this video you’ll find out how to write a recordset to a file with VBA using the Microsoft Scripting Object. You’ll find out how to take your table data, and export it to a csv formatted file so you can share it with other applications. Use this method to get your data out of […]

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Peoplesoft To SAP Migration Via Access

I received an interesting question yesterday from a potential customer. They are migrating all their Oracle PeopleSoft data to SAP. (They are exporting from PeopleSoft into Excel, importing it into Access to tweak it, and exporting to csv from Access to upload to SAP) Basically, how to take 1 (PeopleSoft) row and make it into […]

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How To Restart A VBA Loop Counter

This is related to an interesting question I received from an individual, and this processing example may help someone. Basically we are conducting a 10 day clinical study on a group of patients. We want to store the results of the finding in a database and reset the study counter when a result comes back […]

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How To Generate A XML File With Access VBA

XML is used to structure your data. You can send a CSV file to another person, but using XML, you can structure your data in a more elegant format, and get very specific about your fields, and what data is contained within your tags (your field names). This is different than a basic CSV file […]

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Field Inspection App In MS Access

Today, we will consider how to track field inspections, by building a framework for a field inspection app in MS Access. This sample application is just a framework, and just shares some potential ideas. You can customize it and put your own “spice” on it. Here’s what it will look like when we’re done: First […]

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An Easy VBA Counter

This post is actually based on a question I received on my YouTube video: The counter can be implemented a bit easier by using VBA. Here’s how:

That’s it. Questions?

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Recordset In VBA – PT4

This video will show you how to create the SQL recordset in VBA. SQL is used to perform updates quickly to a data source. The 4 main SQL statements cover the “action” queries in MS Access: 1. SELECT 2. UPDATE 3. DELETE 4. INSERT 1. The syntax for the SELECT is: SELECT [field] FROM [table] […]

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Recordset In VBA – PT3

In this video we are talking about how to use MS Access form and bind in to a recordset In VBA. We talk about how to navigate the recordset. Here is an image of the way the process of the recordset’s methods work: Here’s the video:

<< Recordset In VBA – PT2 | Recordset […]

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Recordset In VBA – PT2

There are times when you will need to access your data programatically and you will have to create the recordset in VBA rather than from the built in data connection Access provides. ADO is a superset of DAO in functionality point of view. The primary benefit of using the ADO recordset object is: -Ease of […]

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