VBA Procedure

How To Declare A Variable With VBA Dim

To declare a variable, means to allocate a portion of the computer’s memory to hold the contents of that variable. “Dim” means “Dimension”, or “allocate a portion of the computer’s memory.” “Dim intNumber As Integer” – means that we need the computer to allocate 2 bytes of the computer’s total RAM memory to hold a […]

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How To Make An InputBox In VBA

The input box is a great way to retrieve and process input from your user. In the following example we’ll control program flow based on the user’s input in the inputbox. Your user will enter a text value and we will evaluate their answer and send them in the right direction.

  Let me […]

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How To Make A VBA Message Box OK Cancel

Ever wonder how you can create a vba message box to gather “ok” and “cancel” answers? This is useful when you want a user to provide confirmation for a delete procedure or other long running process. When you want to gather feedback from the user do something like this:

Here’s a short video:   […]

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How To Make A VBA Message Box Yes No

  Continuing on with our VBA message box theme, here is how to create a “VBA message box yes no” The message box can be used like a function to return a value. Here I am going to return a value to determine if the user clicked “yes” or “no”. For this I am going […]

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VBA For Loop

Use the VBA For Loop when you know how many iterations the code should make. Using this VBA For Loop will allow you to loop for a specific number of times. Take a look at the video: The syntax for the VBA For Loop is: ******************************************

****************************************** You specify the start and end values […]

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Free Access programming tutorial Video 1

In this part of the video series you’ll learn the following: Writing VBA Procedures Overview Of VBA Modules And Procedures Working With VBA Modules The VBA Code Window Creating A VBA Sub Procedure Working With VBA Variables Declaring Variables In VBA Overview of Modules and Procedures: Statements ->      Single lines of programming code that performs […]

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