MS Access VBA Programming Videos Module 4
[4 Video Set]
Erik Loebl (Author)

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Video Set Description

In this selection of 4 ad free videos, you will learn how to use VBA code to validate your form data.

In video 1, "MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT1", you will learn the 3 levels of validation, and we will talk about and construct input masks.

In video 2, "MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT2", we are going to talk about table and form validation rules, default and required entries, and built in validation controls.

In video 3, "MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT3", you are going to learn how to find and code the ActiveX objects we discussed in video 2. Objects like the calendar, combo box, check box, option buttons, etc.

In video 4, "MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT4", you are going to learn how validate text and numeric strings of text. We'll go through text validation functions such as the Len, Instr, Left, Mid, Right, Trim, IsNumeric, IsDate

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Video Set Details

Video 1: MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT1 (6 minutes 11 seconds)
Video 2: MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT2 (6 minutes 16 seconds)
Video 3: MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT3 (5 minutes 30 seconds)
Video 4: MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT4 (6 minutes 13 seconds)

Video Sample

MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION - PT2 (6 minutes 16 seconds)

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