How Do I Change My Datasheet’s Column Order In My Split Form?

I’m sure you have had this issue or will have it.
You may have clicked a column heading in your datasheet, and moved it where you wanted it, and pressed Ctrl + S to save it.
Then when you opened the form again, it is back where you started!
“Am I losing my mind? I remember moving it!”
00Frustrating? GRRRRRRRR 😐 (Yes, I’ve experienced this frustration too.)
Well, here is something you may want to try, which may actually work for you.
This is a hack for the split form datasheet (yes “hack” because split forms have some purpose in life), (otherwise, use a subform 😊)
Basically do the following:
1. Left click your column header and drag it where you need it.
2. Right click another column randomly, and choose “Hide”

Moving a column, and having it stick on a split form is a multi step process!

This is the goal:

Step 1 – Hide a column (any one will do):

Step 2 – Unhide the column:

Here I’m hiding the “Start Date” column and then unhiding it.

Step 3 – Close the form and save it:

Making these changes, triggers the save event when you close it.

Now you can move on to your next project task, and relax knowing you actually moved the column (and it stayed) 🙂

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