How To Restart A VBA Loop Counter

This is related to an interesting question I received from an individual, and this processing example may help someone. Basically we are conducting a 10 day clinical study on a group of patients. We want to store the results of the finding in a database and reset the study counter when a result comes back […]

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Mouse Click Counter On Access Form

This post will demonstrate how you can count the number of clicks on your button in a certain time frame. It will function like a game . Here is the database form all in one:

Here is the database for an example. mouse click counter.accdb Watch how it’s done:

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MS Access Running Count With String Column And Duplicates

In my previous post, http://vbahowto.com/ms-access-running-count-with-duplicates/, the DCount counter, works fine when you have a numeric value, and it works fine when you do the VBA counter when you do it on numeric column values, but what about counters on string columns with duplicates? MS Access Running Count With String Column And Duplicates Since an Access […]

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MS Access Running Count With Duplicates

This post is a response to a video I have on Youtube: MS Access Running Counter In Query “After running your solution in different databases, I found out that it only works if there are no duplicate values within the Number field (in your tblRunningSum). Once there are duplicate values, the row numbering gets corrupted. […]

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