Get all the videos in this Access VBA collection 100% FREE by signing up at In this video I talk about the “With” Statement, and 2 DoCmd methods, DoCmd.OpenForm and DoCmd.OpenReport There are many arguments for the OpenForm and OpenReport methods I will elaborate on at the blog, This is part 3 of […]

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MS Access VBA Programming – Responding To User Actions

In this video I’m going through module 2 of the “Donors and Donations” database course, You are going to find out solutions and ideas in this video such as: -What are control events, and how can you benefit? -How to reference form objects. -How to set control properties -How to obtain values entered into […]

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MS Access Running Count With String Column And Duplicates

In my previous post,, the DCount counter, works fine when you have a numeric value, and it works fine when you do the VBA counter when you do it on numeric column values, but what about counters on string columns with duplicates? MS Access Running Count With String Column And Duplicates Since an Access […]

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