How To Write A Recordset To File With VBA

In this video you’ll find out how to write a recordset to a file with VBA using the Microsoft Scripting Object. You’ll find out how to take your table data, and export it to a csv formatted file so you can share it with other applications. Use this method to get your data out of […]

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How To Generate A XML File With Access VBA

XML is used to structure your data. You can send a CSV file to another person, but using XML, you can structure your data in a more elegant format, and get very specific about your fields, and what data is contained within your tags (your field names). This is different than a basic CSV file […]

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How To Find Certain Files In VBA

Someone wanted to loop through the files in over 100 directories and find a list of their powerpoint files. This code will loop a specific directory and check if a file with a “pptx” extension exists in that directory. If it does, a message box will be displayed. Instead of the message box, the file’s […]

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How To Search For A Folder In VBA

The purpose of this code is to tell you if you need to add a folder or not. ***You don’t need to create a new folder for some files if one exists already. This code is helpful if you have hundreds of folders to go through, otherwise if you just have a few, you can […]

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VBA Move File

So you need to end off a procedure by moving a file? This video shows you how to use the FileSystemObject and vba to move a file out of one directory into another? Well, this video shows you how to do it…

  Click here for the database and the code: vba-move-file.mdb

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