IsNull function

What Is The Access VBA NZ Function

The Access VBA NZ function allows you to test for values with zero length. It is unique with Access, as far as I know, no other language has this type of function, and you’ll have to make your own. If you want to check if a variable is blank, you should check the length (contents) […]

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How To Make A VBA Function

This video will cover the following: –How to call built-in and custom vba functions in an application. –How to create a custom vba function. Here’s the video: There are 2 types of functions, “Built-in” and “Custom” functions. Buit-in functions are functions Access provides. Custom functions are vba functions you create because Access doesn’t provide a […]

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In this video we will cover VBA validation functions like: Validating Text Strings Check the string for null values. IsNull function Check the length of a string. Len Function Check the presence of characters present in a string. InStr function Inpect a portion of a string. Left, Right, Mid functions Removing the leading or trailing […]

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