How to setup cascading comboboxes in datasheet subform

In this post we will discuss how to setup cascading comboboxes in your subform. This post was in response to this issue that someone was having: So the real key to solving this issue is the ways the tables are setup. Here are the tables: -tblCashVouchers -tblCashVouchersDetails -tblAccountNames -tblAccountTypes tblCashVouchers tblCashVouchersDetails tblAccountNames tblAccountTypes The 1st […]

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How to create SQL Statement from Combobox Selections

This video will show you how to use checkboxes to create a SQL statement and formulate a recordsource for a form. In the sample database, a certain product can be combined with other products to create a package. We want to select the products belonging to each package. In this video you will be shown […]

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