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Are you stuck “wading in the baby pool”, while only being able to interact with the database window Access provides?

Are you trying to learn VBA, and apply it to your job?

Do you want to be more productive with Access, save hours each day and really exploit all of Access’ capabilities?

Do you want to impress your boss and your friends, and get that raise you deserve?

Dear Access user,

Have you taken your Access VBA training into your own hands, and feel that VBA is still a big puzzle for you? Are you now realizing the importance of learning programming from A-Z, so you will understand how all the pieces fit together? 

You have come to the right place… 

I’m Erik, a MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) and MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), ). I have been using VBA programming in numerous projects for over 10 years. I understand it’s challenging to figure out what you really need to know in your Access VBA training. I have had to learn it just like you, so I can understand your confusion and frustration. My goal is to present VBA in an easy to understand manner, from the very basics to the more advanced concepts, so that everyone will be able to apply what they’ve learned immediately.

This is the reason that I am offering you this step-by-step MS Access VBA Tutorial Subscription. Having this knowledge will skyrocket your MS Access VBA education!

(You can apply all these concepts to any VBA project you are on, or plan to do, not just Access.)

In these 30+ video tutorials, I am going to show you how to do the following (as well as a whole lot more)…

  • Write a VBA procedure
  • Respond to User Actions
  • Validate data entry with code and without.
  • Use functions and understand scope.
  • Debug your code.
  • Handle errors in your code
  • Loop through your code.

But that’s not all…

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Yes, Erik! I Want all of the preceding benefits!

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I have been applying these VBA concepts for over 10 years, so I strongly recommend the information you will be learning in these videos. I know what works and what is essential in making all your VBA projects successful.

You are going to find out the Access VBA fundamentals that you need to know. This is going to be a perfect companion for your Access VBA training journey. These powerful, new automation techiques will save you and your users time and money.

  • Learn how to work with records in your code, record sets and SQL strings.
  • Update records from your code.
  • Document your code.
  • pecify program startup options
  • Debug your code.
  • Create your program’s splash screen.

Yes, Erik! Help me learn the essential concepts of VBA and help me ensure my future success!

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