Why DIY?

Are you tired of trying to do it yourself, and want someone with the expertise to do it for you?

Friend, I am going to share a true story:

Just recently my dryer stopped working, and the laundry started to pile up. So, I went to Youtube and watched some videos on how to diagnose and repair my problem.

It seemed easy, so I checked a few simple things and the dryer still didn’t work. I told myself,

“I’m only going to spend a couple of hours dealing with this dryer, and after that I’m calling the appliance man.”

I was trying to avoid the repair cost if I could do it myself.

After the first simple stuff didn’t help, I saw a video that really looked promising, and my dryer would finally start working normally again.

I checked the dryer’s belt, it was broken. “Aha!”, I thought, “I just need to replace the belt, and everything will start working again!”

So I went to Lowe’s, and happily bought the belt for a measily $5, and went back home, knowing my problem would soon be solved (and I only spent $5 and some time!).

By the way, a guy I know called me, and I told him that my dryer belt broke, and I just bought a belt to I could fix it. His response was “Oh wow, some of those can be really difficult to put back on”. I thought, “Oh great”, and got off the phone.

I got back to my house and replaced the belt, easily. I thought, “I don’t know what the hard part was?”

I put the dryer back together, and started it up, and ………………nothing.

That made me mad, I thought surely that would fix it, so I took it apart again and checked my work.

Again, I put it back together and ………………….nothing!

I said, “I’m sick of this!!”, and found an appliance repair guy to call.

He came over and said “If I fix your dryer’s belt, it will start working again”

‘What! I just did that” “Yeah right.” I thought “I already did that.”

Sure enough, he fixed it with the proper size belt (that the expert knew), and it worked (and those who needed the dryer working are happy)!

*Moral of the story: you can try to do it yourself, but when you have reached your limit, call in the expert!

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PS. I saw this on a plumber’s shirt and it is suitable here “cheap plumbers are not good and good plumbers are not cheap.”

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