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Field Inspection App In MS Access

Today, we will consider how to track field inspections, by building a framework for a field inspection app in MS Access. This sample application is just a framework, and just shares some potential ideas. You can customize it and put your own “spice” on it. Here’s what it will look like when we’re done: First […]

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MS Access VBA Form Filter Example

In a previous post I gave an example of a MS Access form filter. This revision is to demonstrate how to requery a form after the combobox changes, and not when a button is clicked. Here is the code:

I also added a “search” box to query a table displayed in a lower form. […]

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How To Use The Value Of A Hidden Combo Box Column

So I had a question come my way regarding some form operations. It will probably help someone else, so I am going to let you know how I did it. Basically it had to do with setting 2 other form controls based on the first. Here is a picture: The table data is a simple […]

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How To Highlight The Current Row In A Continuous Form In 3 Steps

Somebody asked this question, and so I wanted to show how to do it here. It is really simple. As you may know, when you change the color for 1 row in a continuous form, every row will be affected! Not like Excel. So how do you fix this? Glad you asked…with VBA and conditional […]

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How To Restart A VBA Loop Counter

This is related to an interesting question I received from an individual, and this processing example may help someone. Basically we are conducting a 10 day clinical study on a group of patients. We want to store the results of the finding in a database and reset the study counter when a result comes back […]

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How To Generate A XML File With Access VBA

XML is used to structure your data. You can send a CSV file to another person, but using XML, you can structure your data in a more elegant format, and get very specific about your fields, and what data is contained within your tags (your field names). This is different than a basic CSV file […]

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Mouse Click Counter On Access Form

This post will demonstrate how you can count the number of clicks on your button in a certain time frame. It will function like a game . Here is the database form all in one:

Here is the database for an example. mouse click counter.accdb Watch how it’s done:

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How To Open A Form To A Specific Record In Access 2016 VBA

In this post I am going to give you a basic example of how to open your Access form to a specific record. This works in all versions of Access, but we are using Access 2016 in this example. First create “parent and child” forms. In our case, it’s frmCustomers and frmOrders. Here’s “frmCustomers” Here’s […]

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VBA MS Access Form Filter Example

This post is going to show you a ms access form filter sample. The database I created only has one table called “Categories”. We are going to have a form called “frmCategory”. The form is going to be a “Split Form”, because that seems to be quicker than the “main form / sub form” setup. […]

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Here Is A Customized Msgbox VBA Example

Here is an example of a customized VBA Msgbox. We giving some richtext and customizable flair to the rather ordinary message box. The following code provided with the code after the screenshot, is going to provide you with the ability to really make the ordinary message box shine!

This is an plain text dialog […]

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