How To restrict user logon to specific computers

This was a question I received on one of my YouTube videos. “That’s good. But how to protect this access database to be limited to certain number of PCs. Because if you copy this database to your friend and give him the password he can give it to another person and so on. What I […]

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Access Database Users And Permissions Example

This post is a compilation of two of my previous posts: This elaborates on the two posts a bit: First, here are all of the database objects: There are 2 tables here: tblLogin and tblAdmin Here are the main forms: frmLogin – this is the form that opens when the database opens Here […]

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MS Access Object Security

Today’s post is based on a question that I received. We are going to assume that there are multiple users who have rights to view different database objects. So in this example there are 3 user logins with different rights to access 3 forms and 3 reports. Here is an overview of the database setup: […]

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