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MS Access VBA Programming All 9 Video Modules!

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You want to be an Access guru and be more valuable at your job don’t you?

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Access VBA Module 1 Videos:

You’ll be learning:

An Overview Of VBA Modules And Procedures And How They Can Help Your Program (17 minutes 15 seconds)
How To Declare VBA Variables (17 minutes 58 seconds)
How To Make An Input Box To Accept Values From The User (and more) (29 minutes 6 seconds)
How To Make VBA Condition Statements Like The “If” And “Select Case” Statements, And How They’ll Help Your Program’s Logical Flow. (25 minutes 27 seconds)
You’ll Be Shown VBA Condition Statements Examples (8 minutes 25 seconds)
You’ll Find Out how to better organize your code by calling another procedure in your module, and unit wrap up (17 minutes 8 seconds)

You’ll come away from these lessons empowered with confidence to write VBA procedures, work confidently with VBA Modules, how to navigate the VBA code window, how to creating a VBA sub procedure, how to work with VBA variables, how to declaring variables in VBA, how to use VBA datatypes for an efficient application, how to run VBA code to test it, discover different ways to use the VBA message box, how to work with VBA variables efficiently in your application with the Dim statement.

Access VBA Module 2 Videos:

In this exciting module, you’ll find:

How to use MS Access form events to your advantage in your program to help you extend Access’ abilities!

You’ll discover how to create an event procedure, how to reacting to user actions programmatically.
You’ll find out how to benefit from using the DoCmd object
You’ll learn program flow of events (“If this happens, do this, etc.”)

You find out how to control the MS Access Form Open Event, and how To Cancel Open Event,MS Access Message Box,,MS Access Form Caption,MS Access Form Calculation,MS Access Form Current Event,MS Access Form Open Event,MS Access Form Load Event,MS Access Form_Delete,MS Access Form_Unload,MS Access Form_Close

MS Access Form Events – PT1 (6 minutes 50 seconds)
MS Access Form Events – PT2 (7 minutes 29 seconds)

Access VBA Module 2b Videos:

In this module you’ll find out how to leverage the control’s abilities on your form:

You’ll discover topics like using option frames, option buttons, command buttons, and you’ll learn how to program “pick lists” to give your users the power of choice.

You’ll find out about control events like the Frame and Option Button Events, Command Button Events, Drop Down Box Events, Click, DblClick, GotFocus, LostFocus, DblClick, Change, AfterUpdate, BeforeUpdate, and NotInList events.

MS Access Control Events – PT1 (5 minutes 31 seconds)
MS Access Control Events – PT2 (5 minutes 13 seconds)
MS Access Control Events – PT3 (5 minutes 32 seconds)

Access VBA Module 3 Videos:

In this lesson you will find out about the powerful forms collection. You’ll learn form objects referencing so you can reference your form objects from various places in your database application.

You are going to learn different ways to reference your form from different locations in your database. You’ll discover how to create a “Calculate Function”, group action with a “With / End With” Statement, use “DoCmd.OpenReport” to professionally open reports, and the “OpenForm” method is described, so you can create a professionally designed switchboard.

MS ACCESS FORM OBJECTS – PT1 (6 minutes 15 seconds)
MS ACCESS FORM OBJECTS – PT2 (4 minutes 58 seconds)
MS ACCESS FORM OBJECTS – PT3 (7 minutes 54 seconds)

Access VBA Module 4 Videos:

Here you are going to learn some valuable validation techniques to ensure the integrity of your data entry.
You’ll discover table & form validation like field entry input masks, database validation rules.
You’ll find out how to validate text strings, how to validate the integrity of your entries by checking the string for null values.
Here are some functions you’ll learn: “IsNull” function, the “Len” Function, the “InStr” function, and other VBA String functions. You’ll find out about validation functions for tasks like, Validating Numbers, the “IsNumeric” function, and date validation, the “IsDate” function.
MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION – PT1 (6 minutes 11 seconds)
MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION – PT2 (6 minutes 16 seconds)
MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION – PT3 (5 minutes 30 seconds)
MS ACCESS FORM VALIDATION – PT4 (6 minutes 13 seconds)

Access VBA Module 5 Videos:

You’ll Learn How To Make A VBA Function (6 minutes 25 seconds)
You’ll Learn About VBA Variable Scope (5 minutes 51 seconds)

Access VBA Module 6 Videos:

In these modules you will be able to find out how to troubleshoot your code through using breakpoints, and variable monitoring with the Watch window.

You be able to output the results of your variables into the immediate window, and learn to use the locals window to monitor what is happening in your code now.

VBA Debug PT1 (6 minutes 25 seconds)
VBA Debug PT2 (5 minutes 51 seconds)

Access VBA Module 7 Videos:

In this module you will learn how to professionally handle errors in your application, you will be able to handle division by zero errors, handle the invalid use of the null characters in your variables, and handle variable overflow errors.

You’ll find out about VBA Error Handling objects like the useful VBA Err Object.

VBA Error Handling PT1 (2 minutes 22 seconds)
VBA Error Handling PT2 (5 minutes 58 seconds)

Access VBA Module 8 Videos:

Here you are going to learn how to efficiently loop through your data recordsets using the “For” and “Do” Loops

VBA Do Loop (6 minutes 24 seconds)
VBA For Loop (5 minutes 35 seconds)

Access VBA Module 9 Videos:

Learn to be flexible with your data using recordsets. You’ll be learning how to a DAO and ADO recordset in VBA

You’ll learn how to use the methods of the recordset object, like the moveFirst, moveLast, moveNext, movePrevious, EOF, BOF

And, last but not least, use learn how to Use SQL to select and modify records.

Recordsets In VBA PT1 (6 minutes 12 seconds)
Recordsets In VBA PT2 (5 minutes 57 seconds)
Recordsets In VBA PT3 (6 minutes 22 seconds)
Recordsets In VBA PT4 (5 minutes 54 seconds)

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