Free Access programming tutorial Video 5

In this part of the video series you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

1. What answer will be generated by the following code?
2. What will the ending value of strResponse be?
3 & 4. What value will appear in the message box generated by the following code?

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Sub FinishOrder()

    Dim dteOrder As Date
    dteOrder = InputBox("Enter Date")
    ShipOrder (dteOrder)
End Sub

Sub ShipOrder(dteShip As Date)
    dteShip = dteShip + 30
    MsgBox "Ship Date: " & dteShip

End Sub

Sub Evaluate1()
    Dim intX As Integer
    Dim intY As Integer
    intX = 8
    intY = 5
    intX = intX + intY
    If intX = 8 Then
        MsgBox intX
        MsgBox intY
    End If
End Sub

Sub Evaluate2()
    Dim intCode As Integer
    Dim strResponse As String
    Dim strTemp As String
    intCode = 23
    Select Case intCode
        Case 15
            strTemp = "Orchid"
        Case 20
            strTemp = "Morocco"
        Case 23
            strTemp = "Cheese"
        Case Else
            strTemp = "Orion"
    End Select
    strResponse = "Code Name: " & strTemp
End Sub

Sub Evaluate3()
    Dim dblX As Double
    Dim dblY As Double
    dblX = 1.5
    dblY = 2 * dblX
    If dblX > 2 Then
        MsgBox dblX
    ElseIf dblY > 3 Then
        MsgBox dblY
        MsgBox "Else"
    End If
End Sub

Sub Evaluate4()
    Dim blnOkay As Boolean
    Dim curPrice As Currency
    blnOkay = True
    curPrice = 5
    If blnOkay Then
        MsgBox blnOkay
    ElseIf curPrice = 5 Then
        MsgBox curPrice
        MsgBox "Neither"
    End If
End Sub

“And now a few tips before your quiz”:

The 3 Step Club

Step Into (F8)

When you use the Step Into function, your code is run line be line. If a line of code calls another procedure, the execution shifts to the called procedure, where you can continue to step into code, line by line.

Step Over

The Step Over function is similar to the Step Into function because it runs the next executable line of code. When Step Over is called, however, entire procedures will run without shifting your view of the code to the called procedure like the Step Into function does. Step Over treats the called procedure like one step.

Basically the Step Over function runs a procedure without stepping into it.

Step Out

The Step Out function will run all the called procedures in one step, similar to the execution of the Step Over function. Using the The Step Out function, however, runs all the nested code in one step, but the cursor is returned to the next executable line of code in the calling procedure.

The Immediate and Watch Windows

Personally, I use the Immediate window a lot to check the current value of a variable. You can press CTRL+G on your keyboard when you are in the VBA Editor to launch the Immediate window, and then check out a variable’s value by typing something like:


Here’s an example:

I have also used the Watch window to check out the value of a variable as it’s passing through various procedures.

You can launch the Watch window by doing this:

If you need to figure out why a variable gets a certain value at a certain point in your code, set the Watch up like this:

This will tell your code to “Break” at a certain point so you can “Step Through (F8) (yes you are already in the procedure, now you just need to step through)” the procedure to see why a certain value is given.

Navigating The Code Window

Sometimes you’re unclear about how a certain variable gets its value and you need to go to a function or sub procedure that is in another module. This can be cumbersome and time consuming to try and find the function or procedure.

For an easier way, use the keyboard combination {SHIFT + F2} or the mouse shortcut “Definition

Here’s an example of the SHIFT + F2 keyboard combination:

Here’s an example of the “Definition” shortcut:

These examples use an API function declared in the same module, but you can still use this from module to module.

Make sure you check out for more debug information.

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