How To Make A VBA Function

This video will cover the following:

–How to call built-in and custom vba functions in an application.
–How to create a custom vba function.

Here’s the video:

There are 2 types of functions, “Built-in” and “Custom” functions. Buit-in functions are functions Access provides. Custom functions are vba functions you create because Access doesn’t provide a suitable built-in vba function.

'-> How to call built-in and custom vba functions in an application.
'-> How to create a custom vba function.

Private Sub btnConvert_Click()
    'Built-in - convert text to upper case
    Me.txtUCase = UCase(Me.txtUCase)
End Sub

Private Sub btnDate_Click()
    'Built-in - enter today's date
    Me.txtStartDate = Date
End Sub

Private Sub btnLeft_Click()
    Dim strText As String
    'Built-in - return the left 4 characters from the textbox entry.
    strText = Left(Me.txtLeft, 4)
    MsgBox strText
End Sub

Private Sub btnValidate_Click()
    'Built-in - example of using a function in an If statement.
    If Not IsNull(Me.txtValidate) Then
        MsgBox "Thanks for your entry"
        MsgBox "Blank entries are not allowed, try again"
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub btnCalculate_Click()
    'Custom - calculate the due date
    Me.txtEndDate = NetThirty(Me.txtStartDate)
End Sub

Function NetThirty(StartDate As Date) As Date
    'return 30 days beyond the date passed
    Dim dteNewDate As Date
    dteNewDate = StartDate + 30
    NetThirty = dteNewDate
End Function

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