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In this video I talk about vba properties and methods of ms access form object items. I also will show how to reference ms access form object items.

This is part 1 of a 3 part video series.

You can reference different ms access form objects with the “!” (bang) or “.” (dot).

Like Forms!frmCategories – Forms collection, then the “bang” and then the form name.

The “.” (dot) is for the property, like Forms!frmCategories.Caption = the caption of the frmCategories form.

The “Me” keyword is used to reference the current form in use. All of the objects on the form currently in use belong to “Me”.

Option Compare Database

Private Sub Form_Current()
    Dim intResult As Integer
    Forms!Categories.Caption = Me.CategoryName
    intResult = calculate(6, 6)
    MsgBox intResult
End Sub

Function calculate(num1, num2)
    Dim dblResult As Double
    dblResult = num1 + num2
    calculate = dblResult
End Function

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