VBA Error Handling

Find Error Line Number in VBA With Erl

In this post you are going to find out a way of handling errors in your code with the Erl function. Erl displays the last label before the error Another alternative error handling solution is using labels at each point in long procedure. Here we get a random error: Here is the code behind the […]

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VBA Error Handling PT2

In this VBA Error Handling set I’ll talk about using the error object Here is a chart referencing the Error object’s properties for you to reference: Property Description Number The number of the error. Description The description of the error. Source The name of the object or application that originally generated the error. …CODE EXAMPLE […]

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VBA Error Handling PT1

In this VBA Error Handling set (1 & 2) we’ll talk about: Trapping run-time errors Creating error handlers Using the error object There are 3 main types of VBA Errors: 1. Syntax Errors 2. Logic Errors 3. Run-Time Errors Syntax errors result when the logic is misspelled, or a wrong keyword is used. The VBA […]

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