VBA Message Box

Here Is A Customized Msgbox VBA Example

Here is an example of a customized VBA Msgbox. We giving some richtext and customizable flair to the rather ordinary message box. The following code provided with the code after the screenshot, is going to provide you with the ability to really make the ordinary message box shine!

This is an plain text dialog […]

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How To Use A Variable In A VBA Message Box.

In this post I’m going to show you how to use a variable in a vba message box. This is used commonly to notify the user that an entered item in a combo box is not in the list, also per this post it’s to display the error number or the error description to the […]

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How To Make A VBA Msgbox Yes No

You can use a VBA Msgbox Yes No to get guidance from the user an the control your program’s flow In the following example I am asking the user to confirm whether or not they want to continue. I am storing the answer in the integer variable intAnswer, and then my algorithm processes their answer […]

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VBA Msgbox New Line Example

Here is an example of a vba msgbox with new line  


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How To Make A VBA Message Box OK Cancel

Ever wonder how you can create a vba message box to gather “ok” and “cancel” answers? This is useful when you want a user to provide confirmation for a delete procedure or other long running process. When you want to gather feedback from the user do something like this:

Here’s a short video:   […]

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How To Make A VBA Message Box Yes No

  Continuing on with our VBA message box theme, here is how to create a “VBA message box yes no” The message box can be used like a function to return a value. Here I am going to return a value to determine if the user clicked “yes” or “no”. For this I am going […]

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How To Make A VBA Message Box

This is a fairly basic tool to use to see if something works or to alert the person using your application. Here is a VBA message box example:

  Here is the basic usage:

  Then you can fancy it up a bit:

  Here’s a video I made regarding it: Let […]

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