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This post is a result of a question I had from a visitor.

They were having an issue opening a related form when there was not a related record.

One way of solving this issue is using the default value on the sub form.

2 different ways to handle a main form and sub form are having the main information on the top of the form and the sub information in a datasheet on the lower part of the form, linked to the main (parent) record on the top. Or, we can open the sub form on a click event, to the record related to the form we just clicked on.

Here is our main table information:

Here is our related, “sub”, table information:

When I create 2 simple forms (a form and subform), and add a “click” action to my button, I get this:

Here is the code for my “click” event:

Private Sub btnPatientDetail_Click()
    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmPatientSub", , , "StudyID=" & Me.StudyID    
End Sub

This works great on records with “children”, (Records: 14, 15, 16), in tblSub.

But, when we click on StudyID 17 or 23 we get a 0!

So in order to fix this, we’ll add a default value to the “frmPatientSub” form’s StudyID text box

Now when we click on a record that has no related records, like 17 or 23, we’ll get this:

We’re not actually adding the record to the table, we are “about to”, we are just defaulting the field to the “StudyID”, so we are ready to add a new record, but if we want to close the form, we are good, and no record will be added.

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