Bringing A 300+ Column Excel File Into Access

Someone asked an interesting question about Excel and Access, so
I decided to transcribe it here.

“I have an excel file with 300+ columns. I would to split and export
them to access as two table and join them. Could you please help me
with this.”

Thanks in advance,

Here was my response:

“Hi Madhavi,

You can make 2 tables, and make some type of link identifier between them.

Then use that field to join the two tables in Access.

For example:

In column A, of your excel file enter some id, like 1 and autofill to the last record.
Then count your Excel columns to 250 paste it into 1 Access table, then paste the numbers in column
“A” into column 251 and put those into Access.

Use that number from column “A” as a linking field in Access to link the 2 tables.

Make sense?


Erik Loebl”

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