Free Access programming tutorial Video 10

Access Form Events

In this video we cover option frames, option buttons
command buttons, in regards to printing reports. We
learn how to program “pick lists”, and further uses of message boxes.

We look at using the “On Open” event of forms to analyze
password entries, and string concatenation.

Just in review:

Good coding practices include the following 3 items:
1. Adhering to naming conventions
2. Properly indenting code
3. Adding comments to the code

If you decide to rollout your Access database application for others to use, you may want to make the database into an MDE or ACCDE file which gives the users no control

Users won’t be able to view any of the code in the database application, however they can go into design view, which they cannot save.

I received a question from a client who has an Access database. He wanted me to make a change, but the previous developer only gave him a ACCDE file, and not the original ACCDB file. So I couldn’t do anything for him.

Form Timers

In this simple example, I am updating a timer textbox to the current date/time every second.

First I set the timer interval (every second in this case):

Then I code the Timer event…

Private Sub Form_Timer()
    Me.txtTimer = Now
End Sub

This is what is looks like on the form:

You may want to use the timer event to requery the form at a certain interval.

If your application includes some other files in different directories you can use the package and deployment wizard, or if you are using Access 2013 or above, refer to this Microsoft link:

I also talk a little more about packing and deploying your application here:


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