VBA Event Driven Programming

In this video I demonstrate the Procedural/Application programming difference.

We’ll cover Access form events:

Creating An Event Procedure
Reacting To User Actions Programatically
Using the DoCmd Object
Program Flow
Frame and Option Button Events
Command Button Events
Drop Down Box Events

(Click here for the Navigating Records part.)

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VBA Form Object Event Procedures>>

Using our form from the last video, add and “image” control to the top called “imglogo”:

Click it, then draw the image on the top of your form. The click “Cancel” when the “Insert Picture” dialog appears. You can either select the image from a specific folder, or code it to appear on the load event. We are doing the latter.

Right click the image and make the Properties dialog box appear. From the “Property Sheet”, click “Other” then “Name”, and call it, “imgLogo”.

We code it for the image to appear when the form loads.

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