How To Convert Macros To VBA

This video describes how to use
an embedded macro to open a form,
and then use the superior, VBA, code
to do the same.


There is more functionality when
using VBA to do your actions.

Personally, I don’t use macros, unless I
need to.

If you want to try and convert your macros
to VBA, click and go into design view on
the form containing the macros..

In the far right of the Form Design Toolbar is
the “Convert Form’s Macros to Visual Basic”.

Click the action, and the converter will do
the job of converting your macros to VBA.

For the cases that your conversion is
not totally successful, you’ll have to do
a little tweaking yourself.

[sourcecode language=”vb”]
Option Compare Database

‘ERIK LOEBL(713)409-7041


Private Sub btnClose_Click()
DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name

End Sub


Private Sub btnVBA_Click()
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmOpen"

MsgBox "Now do this…"
End Sub


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