How To Integrate Access With An HTML Page


While I was troubleshooting some other issues, I found a way to integrate MS Access with an HTML page.

It all started after someone I work with posed some interesting programming question.

They had a question about whether it could be done, and since I enjoy trying to find
out the solution to questions (putting puzzles together), I tried to figure out how to
get it to work.

The idea is to use a pdf document to display a map, then when to click on an element from the
pdf, you’ll open a web page listing the inspections that have been done at that location.

There are a few ways of accomplishing this, the one is to store all the data in a MySQL database, and
then pull the data down from the web.

However, the data is stored in an Access database, and I am doing work
for NASA, which is like most big organizations, network locked down, elevated priviledges are necessary for
any new software you want to install on your computer, getting a webspace is a pain, and all the other bureaucratic bs rules that big
companies have.

Anyway, enough of that, I need to be resourceful and use the tools available to me.

It’s pretty cool, and I’ll be showing you a few examples here on the website and in video form over the
next few weeks.

Just a hint, I am using an Access database with WebSQL.

WebSQL stores data in a structured database format on the client computer using a SQLLite database.

Pretty cool. I’ll be telling you more about it later.

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