How To Search For A Folder In VBA

The purpose of this code is to tell you if you need to add a folder or not.

***You don’t need to create a new folder for some files if one exists already.

This code is helpful if you have hundreds of folders to go through, otherwise if you just have a few, you can just scan the short list with your eyeballs.

So we enter the name of the folder we want to look for, in our case it’s called “working”, and then run the code.

We’ll scan through a certain starting directory, in our case it’s called “C:\a”, and if the folder already exists, we’ll return the folder and its path, otherwise, we’ll tell the user that it’s ok to create the folder.

Here is the code:

If the file is found, we get this message box:

…and if the file is not found (“working2”):

Any questions?

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