Peoplesoft To SAP Migration Via Access

I received an interesting question yesterday from a potential customer.

They are migrating all their Oracle PeopleSoft data to SAP.

(They are exporting from PeopleSoft into Excel, importing it into Access to tweak it, and exporting to csv from Access to upload to SAP)

Basically, how to take 1 (PeopleSoft) row and make it into multiple rows (SAP)?

For example:

PeopleSoft format: A B -200 0 500

to SAP format:

A B -200 0 0
A B 0 0 0
A B 0 0 500

So I decided to make a blog post on it so others may benefit:

Here is what the source would look like:

And here is what the result would look like:

…and then we’ll save the table to a csv file to upload to SAP.

Here is the code to get the data into the tblSAP:

Please let me know if you find some fault in my logic.

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