VBA Access Database Update For Developers – 64 bit

For a client I am currently doing work for, we have a mixture of Access versions. Both versions are Access 2016, but one version is 32 bit, and the other is 64 bit (Office 365 version).

Whenever a new version of the database is released, the users can click a button to upgrade the database they are using to the most recent version.

The .accdb file is pulled down from the server and is loaded on the user’s machine, without user or admin intervention.

That’s great, empower the users.

Here is the code that works great for the 32 bit users:

This code will show you the professional copying files image like this:

…of course it will be customized with your information.

but for 64 bit Access users …

…you will need to add some extra text to the “Long” datatypes.

THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO! (not real complex…just trying to find out the solution is a pain in the hind quarters )

Here’s the code (all the same, but change Long to LongPtr)

Hope it works for you, and let me know if you have any questions.

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