What Is Microsoft Access Used For?

To those of you who are asking the question of “What is microsoft access used for?” , here is my opinion.

I’ve been using this program for well over 15 years, and it’s become fairly easy to deal with. Many people feel that it is hard to work with, but that’s not my experience anymore (probably because I know how to work with it 🙂 ).

So you can use it to develop a whole database management system, or just to analyze some data.

Like it or not, big companies use Microsoft products! and you better figure out how to use the program!

Microsoft is a huge marketing machine, and big companies have “deep pockets” to shell out for expensive programs like Microsoft Office, (so learn it).

Sign up for my VBA list (or just contact me by clicking here) and you can let me know if you want to learn the Access basics.

Anyway, you can use Access to create a whole functional database, or just to analyze some information. For example, just today, I imported an Excel spreadsheet into Access and compared the imported data to some other tables using a query. I gave the person the results and it answered the question they had.

Some people come to this site trying to incorporate new functionality into their existing database, or just to learn one new technique.

Microsoft Access is used on a company’s network, not for a website, it’s too insecure and clumsy! I’ve tried that many years ago, and learned a good lesson, that there are other tools which handle this type of thing better like MySQL and PHP, or Python. You can learn more about how to use PHP, Python, or MySQL from those links.

Pretty interesting stuff, since this whole “plandemic” situation has most folks working remotely through VPNs and other mediums.

You will do well by using these open source solutions, but Microsoft Access is what you can start out with. It will allow you to generate all the tables, queries (questions about your table data), forms, and reports. You can automate the whole database by using VBA (which you can learn on this site).

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