How To Make An Access Report Based On Form Inputs

Hi, this post is on “How To Make An Access Report Based On Form Inputs”.

Many times you want your report based on dynamic criteria. In this post I am going
to show you how you can generate a report based on data selected from combo box inputs on your form.

It’s easier to do with VBA. I’ll show you here:

Here I have a form called “frmParameters” with 3 combo boxes reflecting data from my table, “tblReportData”.

When I make my selections and click the “Produce Report” button, I get the following report result:

Here is my code for the filter form, “frmParameters”:

Option Compare Database

Private Sub cboFindingID_AfterUpdate()

    Dim strSQL2 As String

    If Len(Me.cboFindingID) > 0 Then
        strSQL2 = "SELECT DISTINCT [Bldg Number], [Finding ID] FROM tblReportData WHERE  [Finding ID]= '" & Me.cboFindingID & "'"
        strSQL2 = "SELECT DISTINCT [Bldg Number] FROM tblReportData "
    End If
    Me.cboBuildingNumber.RowSource = strSQL2
End Sub

Private Sub cboBuildingNumber_AfterUpdate()

    Dim strSQL3 As String
    If Len(Me.cboBuildingNumber) > 0 Then
        strSQL3 = "SELECT DISTINCT [Rating Description] FROM tblReportData WHERE  [Bldg Number]= '" & Me.cboBuildingNumber & "'"

        strSQL3 = "SELECT DISTINCT [Rating Description] FROM tblReportData  "
    End If

    Me.cboRatingDesc.RowSource = strSQL3
End Sub

Private Sub btnProduceReport_Click()
    DoCmd.OpenReport "rptReportData", acViewPreview
End Sub

…and here is the code for the report, “rptReportData”

Option Compare Database

Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim strSQL As String
    Dim strWhere As String
    strSQL = "SELECT * FROM tblReportData WHERE "
    If Not IsNull(Forms("frmParameters").Controls("cboFindingID")) Then
        strWhere = "[Finding ID] = '" & Forms("frmParameters").Controls("cboFindingID") & "'"
    End If
    If Not IsNull(Forms("frmParameters").Controls("cboBuildingNumber")) Then
        strWhere = strWhere & " AND [Bldg Number] = '" & Forms("frmParameters").Controls("cboBuildingNumber") & "'"
    End If
    If Not IsNull(Forms("frmParameters").Controls("cboRatingDesc")) Then
        strWhere = strWhere & " AND [Rating Description] = '" & Forms("frmParameters").Controls("cboRatingDesc") & "'"
    End If
    'clean strWhere string
    If Left(strWhere, 4) = " AND" Then
        strWhere = Mid(strWhere, 5)
    End If
    Me.RecordSource = strSQL & strWhere
End Sub

Here’s the database:
access report parameters.accdb

Let me know if you have any questions.

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