MS Access VBA Basics – Video 1

In this post, I’m going to attempt to update the MS Access Tutorial series you have probably seen elsewhere on this site.

So in this post I will show you the VBE, Visual Basic Editor, and some basic ways to use VBA code in your application.

VBA is essentially a way of extending the functionality of the MS Office applications. Each office application has its own version
of VBA and you can tap into the functionality of each application.

Like building underground tunnels between the applications 🙂 .

Coding gets you out of the limitations forced on the end user, and allows you to incorporate customized functionality.

Here is a image of the VBE:


These code snippets are here just to display a message to the user, in the next video, we will gather information from the user to use in the application.

In the basTool module:

in the “frmone” form (“yes I know, it’s a weird form name :), but I was trying to think of something fast…)”

Click to download the database

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