Shared Access Database Management

Here is a handy setup for those who need to manage a shared access database.

Either you can create this from scratch as per the example or add the new tables
to your existing database.

This setup will track:

1. the users currently using the database
2. what time the user and computer name currently logged in.
3. what version of the database the user is currently using.
4. allow the shutdown of a user’s database at your (the database manager) discretion.

Items 1-3

This screenshot will show the users currently in the database and the minutes they have been logged in.

In the backend database we are going to have a table called “tblSystemSecurityUsers” which will hold this information (see image above).

We will be linking to it from our front end databases all the users will use.

This is the code behind “frmWelcome”. This form will launch when the database starts up.

Use the form’s properties to set the timer:

Item 4

Notice the “If ShutdownFile=True … ”

If the “shutdown.txt” file exists in a specified directory, that user’s front end will shut down.

Here is the code:

This code runs on the timer event of the form, and checks for the existence of the “shutdown.txt” file.

…and here is the shutdown process:

Perhaps you can “morph” this to use it in your own unique way.

Here are the database files:



Let me know if you have any questions.

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