Access 2010 Ignoring Open Of ADP File

Hi everyone, today I was doing a client consultation and came across a strange issue.

Access 2010 was ignoring my request to open an .adp file, or Access project file.

Access was ignoring the request to open “adp” files. Normal Access files “accdb” opened fine.

I found the solution to be adjusting the security settings for the Access program.

You have to open Access and go into the Access options, click on Trust Center, then every “not open” option
needs to be switched to all opening. Go into the macro settings and other settings and just
enable opening for everything. If you need to, be more restrictive with your selections later, but
do this now just to make sure the database opens for you.

Now the program (adp file) opens fine.

I hope this helps someone who is “googling” furiously.


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