VBA Error Handling PT2

In this VBA Error Handling set I’ll talk about using the error object

Here is a chart referencing the Error object’s properties for you to reference:

Property Description

The number of the error.

Description The description of the error.
Source The name of the object or application that originally generated the error.


Public Sub ErrObjectSample()
    On Error GoTo errHandler
    'Causes error:
    x = 1 / 0
    Exit Sub
    'Select the case of the Err Object:
    Select Case Err.Number
        'Division by zero error:
        Case 11
            MsgBox "You cannot divide by zero.", vbExclamation, APP_NAME
        Case Else
            'Some other error occured, so show a generic error message.
            MsgBox "An error resulted", vbCritical, APP_NAME
    End Select
End Sub

“APP_NAME” is a constant I declared in the General Declarations section of the module. You may want to put all these declarations in a module by themselves.

Public Const APP_NAME =Erik's Project

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