MS Access Beginner To Advance Propulsion

Hi, I received an interesting email that I wanted to pass on, because
I think it may help some of you in the same situation.

Hi Erik,
After I go through your course, is there any chance you could provide additional training, such as a small project I could work on with your guidance that touches on the main points of your course?
I just started a new job and they want me to learn Access including VBA and Macros, and Sql Server.   It’s  for a small manufacturing company.   I'm not sure where to start.
Any suggestions on how to go from beginner to advanced in this subject matter ?
Any guidance would really be appreciated.


Hi B...,

I combined all the concepts I cover in the course in the 

"Customers and Orders Tracking Database" (


"Donors And Donations Database"

Unfortunately, there is no "magic pill" you can take to propel you from beginner to advanced, but

these items will help you in your journey.

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